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Master Gilders - water Gilding with silver, 19th century mirror - Burnishing the silver  to give it a reflective finish; the relief part of the mirror will be oil gilded to give a nice contrast between matt and brilliant.Gold: the noblest of all metals
Considered for millennia the most precious and durable of all metals, gold reflects light, without altering its own appearance. It defies the passage of time, surpassing generations of man while retaining its untarnished brilliance. Gold is an attribute of perfection, of beauty and illumination, adorning and enhancing the image of God and King, Buddha and Pharaoh.  
Master Gilders - Laurence Filet marrying the new gilding with the old, and patina to match up with the original gilding. Master Gilders' palette is not limited to gold gilding; it also includes copper, aluminum, silver, palladium and platinum gilding. Master Gilders can create any gilding finish you want, and can match up to any existing patinas, using tints from age old recipes made entirely from natural ingredients.

Different techniques such as antiquing, toning and distressing, can be applied to new objects and gilded surfaces to provide a thoroughly convincing antique appearance.

Special decorative effects can also be attained with recutting, (a special technique used to create lines and drawings within the gesso), molding, matte, burnishing, (making a surface brilliant by rubbing the leaf with an agate stone), and by using different bole colors, e.g. red, black, yellow and blue. Bole is the clay base which the leaf is applied to in water gilding.

Master Gilders - frame finished and protected with a coat of varnish. In gilding, different colors of gold can be employed: Pure yellow, semi-yellow, white, blue, gray, pink, red, pale green, dark gold, gold-orange and more. These colors are created by mixing Gold with other metals.

In gilding, gold leaf of varying purities can be used. The carat weight of gold leaf ranges from 12 carat white gold to 24 carat. For example, white gold is 50% fine gold and 50% silver. Pure fine gold is 24 carat. For outdoor gilding projects, it is best to use double gold of 23 or more carat, which endures through exposure to severe weather conditions.