Master Gilders logoLaurence Filet of Master Gilders restoring cornice of the golden salon, end of 17th century French, Carnavalet Museum, Paris.

Craftsmen in Traditional Water Gilding and Oil Gilding techniques
for architectural gilding and gilded decorative objects

Water Gilding is the process in which, Gold leaf, Silver leaf and other metal leaf is applied by hand to a carefully prepared surface, using only natural ingredients. The leaf can be burnished with an agate stone to produce a beautiful reflective finish.

Oil Gilding is the technique in which the goldleaf is applied to an adhesive called, ‘size’, allowing the gilder to work on a wider range of surfaces. It is suitable for outdoor projects.

Gilding reached its highest level of expression in France during the reign of Louis XIV. The same gilding techniques and standards are alive today in ateliers of Paris and Aix-en-Provence, where Master Gilders' director Laurence Filet received her training and developed her flair and eye for contemporary and classical design.

Master Gilders offers its gilding services in the following areas:

Architectural Gilding including statues, sculptures, walls, moldings, railings, gates, staircases, ceilings, cornices, columns etc.

Gilding decorative objects: furniture, (antique or modern), frames and mirrors, candelabra, etc. Pretty much any of your favorite objects can be gilded and turned into a beautiful and valuable item to keep as a collectible or for a special gift.

Gilding restoration  where gilded objects or surfaces are cleaned and restored and missing or damaged ornamentation is repaired or reconstructed.

Fine Art paintings. Careful cleaning methods are used to remove soiling and darkened varnishes to reveal the original color tones and the artist’s intention.

Gilding on various foundations: wood, plaster, lead, iron, bronze, copper, resin, canvas, marble, ceramics, glass, fabric. Many surfaces can be gilded and decorative details enhanced by the gilder.