Instructional demonstations by Laurent at the Denver Art Museum and other locations.
  Laurence Filet expanded her services in 2007 to offer instructional demonstrations on the Art of gilding to institutions such as:
  • Museums
  • Universities
  • Art Academies
  • Art Galleries, and similar organizations

   Her first major gilding demonstration was at the
    “Artisans & Kings - Selected Treasures from the
    Louvre” exhibition at the Denver Art Museum.


As part of the Denver Art Museum’s continued focus on innovative educational programming, the Artisans & Kings exhibition featured working ceramic artists, gilders,  weavers and marqueters in individual, scheduled demonstrations for two-week periods during the exhibit.


Visitors were invited to watch Laurence as she demonstrated her skills in gilding, using 17th and 18th century gilding techniques.  She explained the process of the traditional water gilding techniques, and answered questions related to the craft.


Laurence provided these gilding demonstrations several times everyday to groups up to 100 or more, including a delegation from Stanford university, local art teachers, art lovers and the general public.


One of the benefits of these gilding demonstrations was that the visitors then understood better the art they saw as they toured the rest of the museum.



This was a new activity for the Denver Art Museum and was deemed very successful. Here is what the head of the program had to say:

“… We wanted to thank you for being a part of the demonstration space during the Artisans and Kings: Selected Treasures from the Louvre exhibition. As a demonstrator, you facilitated a truly unique and wonderful experience that thoroughly engaged our visitors. We’ve heard nothing but great things about you and your demonstration. Your contribution greatly enhanced this exhibition”.

                                  Sonnet Hanson, Head of Adult & College Programs, Denver Art Museum